Kinyan Shmita


Providing people with the opportunity to perform the Mitzvah of Shmita by owning land, trees, and Esrogim (Fruit).


We really enjoyed using Chani's services to build our website. We had a very tight time frame and she was available to us at all hours of the day with excellent professionalism and comprehensive knowledge even in areas not related to site development. The short time-frame did not effect the quality of her work. She created for us our dream site.

Project overview


About the Project

About the Project

Target audience:

Orthodox frum men living in USA.


Typical Problems Solved /Main Clients
One who would like to fulfill the mitzvah of shmita but do not have the resources to find the farmers and buy land from them. They want to know the process is legal and covers all halachic terms.


The solution:

To design a brand and website that convey a sense of trust and reliability in halachic and legal terms

Providing a process of which purchasing a tree - being able to fulfill the mitzvah of shmita is easy and straight ford.

The vibe should be authoritative in rabbanic terms (heimish and jewish) and at the same time professional . It also needs to stress that you are getting an esrog tree which is unique to the organization.

Unique Selling Point

The purchaser is receiving a Esrog tree with its fruits and land, helping him to fulfilling the mitzvah of Shmita by enabling to provide produce of Shmita absolutely free.

The Esrog is holds a special place in a jewish heart, as it's used to fulfill the mitzvah of Araba Minim.

Most competitors do not offer to purchase a tree with fruit- only land,if they do they certainly aren’t esrogim tree.


Logo (1).png

Break Down of the site

Slogan and punch line.
About section -Story behind the organization
Unique selling points
The process
Halachic Authority
Contact us

About page- Further details about the process
Investment page- Further details about the mitzvah

Process- Purchasing the tree

  1. Presentation of 2 the 2 types of trees

  2. Individual product page

  3. Option to get a discount when purchasing more than one tree

  4. Add to cart

  5. Cart and checkout page -speed out process

  6. Adding name options (this depends on the amount of trees in the cart just before entering card details)

  7. payment page

  8. Cart abandonment email. To encourage people to purchase

  9. Follow-up email with the number of the tree, assigned automatically.

How does the USP come across in the site?​​

Adding in small yellow esrogim into the logo

Using 10% of yellow strategically in the site to highlight the estrogim. The use of an “old-fashioned” font for titles through the website while keeping a geometric triangle look to portray honesty and reliability.



Perform competitive market analysis on businesses potential and designing multiple web design solutions to achieve business goals.  Mapping out site map and planning of site structure  with a content writer.

Engineer and implement site content architecture and navigation scheme wireframes, resulting in increased on-line presence and site visitor engagement.


Website Setup

Set up customer's website hosting on company servers, registering domain names and preparing email accounts.

Payment Gateways

Assisted with Payment gateways and merchant accounts.

Adobe Illustrator







Branding & Logo

Analyzing User experiences

Website Design

Build of a Responsive Bilingual E-Commerce website.


What work was done?